2. Job Information

Job Information

Want to work living part-time job staff Inexperience welcome Want to work together at this facility?

We are looking for Nakai who supports the management of the inn.

  • Specifically, we welcomed you, sent off, introduced us, tea ceremony, arrangement of morning and dinner, guest room cleaner
    We will do a wide range of business such as cleaning, maintenance in this facility, supplement of fixtures etc. Even those who are not experienced, inexperienced people are OK. Senior staff will carefully support you so you can start working safely.

Inexperienced people, welcome.

  • If you do not have experience working or working part-time at a hotel / hotel, please feel easy. With attentive training and support from senior staff, you can learn the hospitality to our customers. Customers with us
    Why do not you welcome with the best hospitality? We are waiting for entry!

Flexible shift regime

  • Please tell us your wishes. For busy students, those who want to stand up with housework, as well as freeters who want to earn money, various lifestyles are active as partner employees! Shift flexibly, so please tell us the time you want to work first. Why do not you work with us at this facility?
Recruited mobilepart-time job
Work locationMisatoji temple 6700 Minamioguni-machi, Aso District, Kumamoto Prefecture, Ryokan Yumotosou
Working hoursShift system between 7:00 and 21:00
Salary900 yen / hour
Holidays·A vacationNegotiable
WelfareSocial insurance complete, single room dorm (with air conditioning and heating), hot spring bathing possibility, delicious food

For details, please feel free to contact Kitasato.