2. Meal


Using plenty of fresh ingredients, multi-course meals of Yumotoso

Yumotoso, Seasonal Kaiseki cuisine

Passion food

  • Kurokawa's ingredients, enjoy the season's taste

    Kurokawa Onsen, Yumotoso is not just get in the do fun to eat, we want me in you pleasure the land of the material, will also taste Kurokawa season, seasonal cuisine that KurokawaFood ingredients sticking to the best by the chief chef are offered in the most tasty way of eating every season.
  • Vegetables that contract farmer, Shiragaki made

    Shiragaki is making vegetables with a couple at Minamioguni Town, Kumamoto. We are making a variety of vegetables while saying "I am still a newcomer".Shiragaki is very serious and hard at work.
    "If you use more pesticides you'll be able to clean it up" but you always say when you receive vegetables, please let me ask you to keep delicious vegetables as you please.
    It is not a non - insectable vegetable, it is a delicious vegetable as it gets insects.
  • Fresh female fish that confined the flavor of Aso

    Yamame of Kawabe Fish Farm raised with abundant spring water and Iwashimizu of Aso has almost no peculiar smell and it is also recommended for those who are not good at river fish and their bodies are very deeply damaged.
    For salt grill we use about 15 cm of male.As females concentrate nutrition on eggs, males are packed with delicious taste.

    We are purchasing fresh mountain fish everyday, so that we can offer hot yamame when we eat from the speed you eat.In crisp skin it is tightly packed with a sweet tender body.
  • Health Wagyu Beef born from a millennium highland

    Aso King often exercises in nature and eats plenty of grass that adequately absorbed the sun's light.So it is healthy, has less extra fat, soft and mellow taste, flavourful meat condensed original beef taste.
  • Soy sauce and miso are also grown Oguni Town

    Under the management philosophy of "desiring to be an indispensable presence despite being a supporting role,
    Shichifuku Soy Sauce Brewery's soy sauce and miso are made in the mountains of Aso, Kumamoto, blessed with nature and people.Founded in 1919, many of the inns at Kurokawa Onsen use this Shichifuku soy sauce.
    At Yumotoso, we offer a blend of Shichifuku soy sauce products, taking into consideration the cuisine, season, and age of the person eating it.
  • Kumamoto specialty, rice smelling horse sashimi

    A refreshing and abundant spring water produced by the nature of Mt Aso in Kyushu.The horse meat that is fattened using the grass and grain grown in this way has been prized as the king of gourmet food since ancient times for its freshness and sweetness, and has been passed down with compassion.
    Although there are habitants of horses' sashimi, there are many people who have a weak consciousness, but the horsemans sashimi you serve at Yumotoso is tastefully confined with sweetness and is very healthy.
    Calories are as good as chicken thighs but rich in vitamins, especially about vitamin B12 required to make blood is about 6 times.

From the Chief Chef

【From the chief chef a passion cooking enjoying the taste】

Just, 'I'm glad I came to Kurokawa'
"It was nice to stay at Yumotoso, Kurokawa Onsen"
I just try to make you think.
  • Kurokawa Onsen, Yumotoso, Chief chef's greetings

    What I think is delicious on the spot to eat is "delicious".
    However, I believe that something that you want to eat again later on is truly delicious.
    I think that it is not a dish with a shoulder stiffness but a dish that can be relaxed anywhere newly.
    Like "homemade taste".
    There is no enemy to the taste of the mother.The depth of love is different.
    So as much as I can remember to the fullest, I will consider myself to be ready to serve.
    Five tastes balance Five tastes five senses Five colors five methods Five tastes five senses
    And always keep in mind.
  • Taste the taste of Minamioguni passion - to - local production for battery consumption

    The taste of the ingredients is slightly different depending on the environment of the land, and there are food materials of the region as well.
    Abundant ingredients raised in a privileged environment.I will taste the objects of the land in that place.
    Fresh, secure and safe Kumamoto, please enjoy the wonderful ingredients produced by Minamioguni.
  • Meals are one story ~ Pleasant flow of meal, Taste ~

    Regardless of how much new taste is taken in, Japanese food is basic.As there are kaiseki and kaiseki cuisine, meanings and feelings are variously crowded in the flow of cooking.
    I believe that you can think that it is "delicious" at the end when the cuisine meal was also eaten so that one can be completed with Ikebana with strength and darkness.
    The whole thing is just another dish, so enjoy it and taste it.
  • Passion for chopstick rest and equipment

    The dish is not just a taste with the mouth, it is also a thing to enjoy with the eyes.The taste also changes by coloring and serving.We believe that not only foodstuffs but also equipment such as vessels are important factors that influence the taste.
    As there are seasonal materials and local materials, there are times when you handmade by yourself to feel the land pattern and nature of Kurokawa at Yumotoso.
  • Enjoy the taste of vegetables

    I would like the modern people of vegetable shortage to taste the original taste of vegetables.
    Every year I send vegetables from Minamioguni to my sister's family in Osaka, and every time I send them, she says, ``When I open the box, I can smell the vegetables and the soil!'' The taste is completely different from the vegetables you usually buy at the supermarket! "It's called.
    Children seem to be able to eat vegetables in Minamioguni even if you dislike vegetables.
    I would like you to taste the original taste of fresh and safe vegetables rather than looks.