2. Passion of Yumotoso

Passion of Yumotoso

Luxurious hours for all Murofukawa

  • The longest time to spend on a trip is your room.
    To relax time, the most luxurious, the most relaxing, so that Yumotoso cherishes the time you spend in your room.

    Kurokawa Onsen is a river flowing through the city, you can hear birds singing and bird singing every season in the rich nature of Kurokawa.As it is said to be a mysterious boundary, a lot of natural colors jump into our eyes.
  • In order to relax, I want to feel the luxurious relaxation of this Kurokawa Onsen, there are not many rooms, but you can enjoy the river from all the rooms and enjoy Seseragi.Kurokawa Onsen, it is difficult to prepare rooms facing all Murokawa, it is a lodging that you have a passionate time at the time you spend in your room.

Stuck to local materials, warmth warm, cold cold

  • We stick to the local materials, carefully select materials that can only eat cold foods cold and cold on the local side of the South Minamioguni country, carefully select materials that can shine the most, the food that the material shines most and enjoy the taste of the material itself is offered .

    Instead of taste, draw out the taste of the material and enjoy the taste of the material itself.For that reason, from the length of the board himself, visit the farmer 's place to check the vegetable taste or to have the seasonal food at the seasons If you are in the season you can also take wild vegetables etc with your own feet.
  • For meals to serve customers, you can enjoy your meal in the most delicious condition while the cold one is cold, while the warm one is seriously warm.

Familiarize yourself with babbling and hot springs while staying in a family bath.

  • A family bath that can not fully be bound by time and enjoy the babbling of Kurokawa freely.
  • We have three families of families with lots of individuality despite the small inn, and able to see the river.
    Although it is the name of a family bath, you can enter freely either by yourself or by a couple or any other type.Please enjoy the bath that will free your mind without being restricted.

Because it is small, it is warmer and you do not have to worry

  • It is never a big inn.Because there is only a limited room of 12 rooms, service managers are careful attentions such as making flowers of rooms and hotels every day.Hospitality feeling warmth as if the customer really came back home somewhere